Gary Wayt Missing, Reported Missing News Days Following Engagement

Gary 2.0, recently engaged to Teen Mom star Amber Portwood, has been reported missing in North Carolina. This alarming news comes just weeks after the couple announced their engagement, putting their wedding plans on an indefinite hold.

Engagement and Fallout

As reported last Friday, Gary proposed to Amber, a mother of two, within the last two weeks. However, the happiness surrounding their engagement was short-lived. According to sources, the couple had an “explosive fight” the day after their engagement announcement. Amber reportedly told Gary to “f**king leave and don’t come back,” leading to a communication blackout between the two for over 60 hours.

Official Missing Person

On Tuesday morning, the Bryson City Police Department in North Carolina labeled Gary 2.0, 39, as a missing person. Police were notified of his disappearance, and according to their social media page, Gary was last seen on Sunday in Bryson City, driving a grey 2009 Nissan Rogue with Indiana plates. Gary resides near Amber’s hometown of Indianapolis, making his presence in North Carolina particularly concerning.

Amber’s Response

Amber’s manager was reached for a comment on Tuesday but provided limited information, stating, “No comment at the moment, thank you. We are just very worried.” This statement underscores the gravity of the situation and the concern from those close to Gary and Amber.

Shawn Portwood’s Statement

Amber’s brother, Shawn Portwood, refuted claims of an argument between his sister and Gary before his disappearance. In a comment to The Ashley via X, Shawn stated, “Any report of an argument between my sister and her bf is completely false. People are reporting anything just to spice up a story rather than what they should be focusing their attention on.”

Gary Shirley’s Post

On Tuesday afternoon, Amber’s ex, Gary Shirley, also known as “Gary OG,” posted about Gary 2.0’s disappearance. Although the content of his post was not detailed in the initial reports, his involvement suggests the severity of the situation and the impact it is having on those connected to Amber and Gary 2.0.

Community and Police Efforts

The Bryson City Police Department has been actively seeking information about Gary’s whereabouts. Community members have been urged to report any sightings or relevant information to assist in locating him. The urgency of the search reflects the serious concerns for Gary’s safety and well-being.

The Impact on Amber

This incident has undoubtedly placed a significant strain on Amber. Known for her turbulent past and high-profile relationships, Amber now faces another emotional challenge. The uncertainty surrounding Gary’s disappearance adds to the stress and worry for her and her family.

Speculations and Rumors

In the wake of Gary’s disappearance, various rumors and speculations have surfaced. However, it is crucial to focus on verified information provided by authorities and those directly involved. The priority remains finding Gary and ensuring his safety.

Moving Forward

As the search for Gary 2.0 continues, friends, family, and fans are left in a state of concern and anticipation. The police and community efforts are vital in these moments, as every bit of information could be crucial in locating Gary. Amber’s public silence, apart from her manager’s brief statement, indicates the delicate and stressful nature of the situation.


The sudden disappearance of Gary 2.0 has cast a shadow over what was supposed to be a joyous period following his engagement to Amber Portwood. With the police and community on high alert, the hope remains that Gary will be found safe and sound. As the situation develops, it is essential to respect the privacy and emotional state of those involved, focusing efforts on supporting the search and ensuring Gary’s safe return.

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