Eminem Wedding Photos, Everything You to Need Know

Eminem as well as Kim Scott were friends in the 1980s, and got married twice. Here’s everything you need to know about Eminem’s ex-wife Kim Scott.

Hailie Jade Scott’s daughter is famed musician Eminem she was a bridesmaid for famous singer Eminem Evan McClintock in an intimate ceremony at their hometown of Battle Creek, Michigan. The intimate ceremony was brimming with love, joy and sentimental moments from family members who attended to celebrate the special day.

An Inspiring Father-Daughter Dance

Eminem (real the real persona Marshall Mathers), was captured as he led his daughter Hailie in an intimate father-daughter dance at the reception. In a classic dress, Eminem wore his signature sunglasses. His real joy. It was evident from candid photos taken by TMZ with gorgeous Eminem who did not hesitate to express his happiness and pride in this historic event as they danced along with Hailie who was stunning in her wedding gown. Eminem’s emotions were evident as Eminem was dancing with Hailie who looked stunning in her wedding gown!

Ceremony at Greencrest Manor

Greencrest Manor was chosen as the venue for the ceremony due to the stunning setting and ambience. It also offered Hailie and Evan the perfect location to host their wedding. Since 2016, they’ve been in love and chose Greencrest Manor for its romantic ambience and intimate atmosphere that ensured the wedding was an intimate affair with an intimate celebration of love.

One of the pictures included a photo of Eminem smiling with pride alongside his happily married couple radiating love and affection as well as displaying his tender side as a loving father character.

The journey from engagement to Wedding

Hailie and Evan started their journey together in the year 2016 and soon grew into a in love as time went on. When they were married in February, they made an important step towards their beautiful wedding day. From then on the couple’s lives are filled with mutual expectations and friendship and unending love for each other until their incredibly romantic wedding vows were exchanged at Greencrest Manor.

Hailie as well as Evan’s wedding was a tribute to their relationship and the affection that they get from family and friends. Eminem showing his affection to Evan and Hailie to make the day memorable for Hailie.

Wedding Day Joy & Love

Marshall Mathers was truly celebrated on his birthday as one of his kids was associated with Eminem as part of their love and closeness. This was apparent in every aspect during the celebration of Marshall’s birthday for instance, through emotional involvement by Eminem which added an additional level of warmth and joy from him. His fatherly support and love was offered to all present. This was a moment which very few experience, and not just for a single day!

Hailie And Evan’s wedding was not only about the bringing of two people together and celebrating the bonds between family and close friends. This intimate wedding ceremony planned to be a deeply personal event, with everyone actively involved in the creation of an unforgettable event. The goal was to make sure it was an intimate, meaningful event which is only shared with family and friends members who are element in Hailie and Evan’s hearts.

Hailie and Evan begin this new chapter of their lives with love and affection from their families and friends. They’ll be celebrating their wedding in a celebration of their love and expectation of what’s in store in the future for them both.

Hailie and Evan have been on a memorable journey that began in 2016 and continues to moment. From their first meeting to their first meeting, to their the moment of their engagement, it is a beautiful demonstration of their love and love for one another. With the help of their friends and family members – especially Eminem his self Hailie and Evan will create an unforgettable lifestyle that is filled with love and happiness. They will also set goals together.


Hailie Jade Scott and Evan McClintock’s wedding was a classy and intimate affair that showcased the strong bond between their families and their affection for each their partner. Eminem provided an amazing and emotional aspect to their wedding ceremony by sharing his pride as a father through his emotional participation. Family members came to encourage and help them on their wedding journey. Hailie and Evan got married with the hope of joy and happiness to come.

Hailie and Evan are bound to have numerous happy memories as they begin the next chapter in their lives. Their wedding day was full of families, love and unforgettable moments, will live in their precious memories for a long time to come.

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