Dick Van Dyke Birthday Special, The 98 Years Of Magic

Legendary actor Dick Van Dyke was recently surprised with a grand tribute by CBS, honoring nearly 98 years in entertainment industry. To commemorate Van Dyke approaching 98th birthday, CBS produced and broadcast an two-hour special entitled 98 Years of Magic which honored Van Dyke. This two hour event showcased archived footage alongside live performances to showcase some of Van Dyke’s most unforgettable moments over his impressive career.

What Makes CBS Tribute of Dick Van Dyke So Special?

Van Dyke was taken by surprise when the tribute at Television City, owned by CBS in Los Angeles and operated by CBS Studios was unveiled: initially thinking he was there for an ordinary press interview; instead it turned into an impressive celebration of 75 years in show business, including performances of memorable songs such as Mary Poppins “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’s “Me Ol’ Bamboo.” Watching artists recreate Van Dyke performances was truly moving – as was seeing artists replicate his performances – something Van Dyke expressed as being grateful and expressed his delight by giving thanks. This event truly made him very humbled indeed!

How did Dick Van Dyke React to the Celebration?

Van Dyke shared his emotional reaction to PEOPLE exclusively. The experience felt surreal for him as it made him question whether or not they deserved such honor; yet it’s difficult to describe. Additionally, this event made him take stock of everything he had accomplished over decades of career development and be amazed at his own successes.

Who Is Dick Van Dyke Beyond the Screen?

Born December 13th 1925 and raised in Danville Illinois, Van Dyke began his career on radio and Broadway before making a significant mark through film and television. From 1961-66 he co-starred on Mary Tyler Moore’s beloved The Dick Van Dyke Show which catapulted them both to stardom earning critical acclaim and multiple Emmy awards for both performances.

What Are Some Career Highlights of Dick Van Dyke?

Following his success on television, Van Dyke made his feature film debut as Mary Poppins for Walt Disney in 1964. He enjoyed working with children and being playful while portraying Mary Poppins; after which his career flourished further with roles such as Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Dick Tracy and Night at the Museum and Mary Poppins Returns; more recently Night at the Museum Returns with Mary Poppins Returns as well as Days of Our Lives The Masked Singer and Simpsons!

How Has Dick Van Dyke’s Personal Life Prospered?

Dick Van Dyke has had an equally fulfilling personal and professional life. For 36 years he was married to Margerie Willett, with whom they shared four children: Christian, Barry, Stacy and Carrie Beth. In 2012 he wed Arlene Silver – whom he first met performing together at the SAG Awards – whom he describes as an angelic singer with whom he enjoyed performing duets onstage together. Van Dyke often describes their performances together as one of his favorites!

What Does Dick Van Dyke See Ahead for Him in His Future?

As Van Dyke nears 100 years of age, he still enjoys engaging with both his craft and audience. His dedication to film and TV acting continues unabated; the CBS tribute not only marks a landmark career achievement for Dick Van Dyke but also proves that charm and talent of Dick Van Dyke remain as captivating. This event celebrated both past accomplishments but also current influence within entertainment; proof that age does not limit one from following one’s passion to delighting and entertaining millions around him.

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