Diana Taurasi Wife, Who Is Penny Taylor?

Diana Taurasi, best-known as a WNBA superstar for her exceptional achievements on the basketball court, made headlines again when she became the first player ever in league history to score 10,000 career points. While Taurasi continues her professional accolades to accumulate, equally notable is her personal life–particularly her relationship with Penny Taylor–another former WNBA player herself and another prominent relationship within this organization. This article sheds light on Penny Taylor and how it impacts Diana Taurasi beyond basketball courts.

Who is Penny Taylor?

Penny Taylor was an Australian professional basketball player renowned for her career with Phoenix Mercury (led by Diana Taurasi). Born May 24 1981 in Melbourne Australia, Taylor quickly established herself as one of the premiere shooters and versatile on court players during her time.

How Did Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor Meet?

Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor first crossed paths as teammates of the Phoenix Mercury. Over time, however, their professional relationship gradually progressed into something deeper; sharing experiences and passion for basketball became key building blocks of their bond. Both players credit their time on Mercury with not only sharpening their basketball skills on court but deepening their understanding and respect of one another outside it as well.

What Has Been Penny Taylor’s Impact on Diana Taurasi’s Career?

Penny Taylor has had an immense effect on Diana Taurasi both personally and professionally, providing personal support as well as being an important ally within basketball. Taylor’s personal experiences in this sport provided Taurasi with unique perspective during challenging periods in her career – this supportive partnership can be seen when both discuss it together in interviews highlighting mutual respect for one another as fuelling the relationship.

Do Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor Have Children?

Yes! Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor expanded their family by welcoming Leo Michael Taurasi-Taylor on March 1, 2018. His arrival has brought them great joy, as both mothers have experienced first-hand how fulfilling parenthood has been for them both individually as well as together balancing work commitments with parenting responsibilities – something they’ve enthusiastically taken on head on!

How Can Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor Balance Their Personal and Professional Lives?

balancing an intense professional and nurturing personal lives is often the challenge athletes must contend with, yet Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor have found ways to navigate it successfully by truly understanding each other’s careers and needs. Since Taylor retired from professional basketball in 2016, she has taken roles that allow her to stay closer to home while supporting Taurasi’s ongoing WNBA career and family life – they each respect one another’s careers and ambitions effectively in managing their lives successfully.

What Are Penny Taylor’s Activities Since Retiring From Professional Play?

Since retiring from professional basketball, Penny Taylor has not abandoned basketball altogether. Instead she has taken on roles such as coaching and mentoring to share her vast expertise and help hone up-and-coming players while remaining involved both sidelines and in administrative capacities with basketball – her impactful presence remains felt around the sport today.


Penny Taylor is not only a former basketball star but is an integral figure in Diana Taurasi’s personal and professional life, providing strength and support that amplifies each partner’s success. While Taurasi continues to break records and test what was possible in basketball, Taylor stands by her providing quiet but formidable support – not unlike what made Diana one of the great athletes ever seen play for the WNBA! Together they navigate both professional life as well as parenthood with grace. Together they set an amazing example of partnership and respect between two adults!

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