Declan Donnelly Children Tribute Rom Best Pal Children

Ant McPartlin received a heartfelt tribute from his long-time friend and co-host Declan Donnelly when Dec named his second child Jack Anthony Alphonsus. The name honors both his best mate Ant and his late father, Alphonsus. Describing Jack as “a very welcome ray of light,” Dec and his wife Ali Astell celebrated the birth of their son in 2022, adding another layer to the duo’s already close-knit relationship.

Awaiting New Arrivals

Ant McPartlin and his wife Anne-Marie Corbett are eagerly anticipating the arrival of their first child together. Reports indicate that Ant, who is typically known for his cheerful demeanor, has been displaying signs of protectiveness and anxiety, common feelings among expectant fathers. A recent double date with Jamie Redknapp and his wife Frida Andersson saw the couple radiate happiness and excitement about their impending parenthood.

Body Language Insights

Body language expert Judi James provided insights into the couple’s demeanor during public appearances. She noted Anne-Marie’s relaxed and joyful expression as she cradled her baby bump, reflecting her previous experiences with childbirth. Ant’s expressions ranged from anxious to deeply affectionate, highlighting his pride and early bond with the unborn child. These observations suggest a couple who are both thrilled and cautiously optimistic about their upcoming role as parents.

Pause for Family

Ant and Dec’s decision to pause their popular show “Saturday Night Takeaway” was partly influenced by personal reasons. In an interview with Fault magazine, Ant explained that the break would allow them to spend more time with their families. This pause not only underscores their commitment to family but also reflects their understanding of the importance of work-life balance, especially during such significant personal milestones.

Ant and Dec’s Enduring Bond

The bond between Ant and Dec has been a cornerstone of their careers. Dec’s choice to include Ant’s name in his son’s middle name is a testament to their enduring friendship. This gesture not only celebrates their professional success but also their personal connection, which has stood the test of time and numerous challenges.

The Joy of New Beginnings

The excitement surrounding the upcoming birth of Ant and Anne-Marie’s child has brought joy to their fans and loved ones. Ant’s wide grin when looking at Anne-Marie’s baby bump during public outings speaks volumes about his anticipation and happiness. The couple’s journey towards parenthood is being watched closely by many who admire their resilience and love.

Reflections on Parenthood

Ant has often spoken about his desire to be a father, and this new chapter in his life is a dream come true. The impending arrival of his child marks a significant milestone, one that he is approaching with a mix of excitement and nervousness. Anne-Marie’s calm and experienced approach to pregnancy provides a reassuring balance to Ant’s emotions, making them a strong and supportive team.

Future Plans

As Ant and Dec take a break from their demanding TV schedules, they are focusing on the future with their families. This period of rest and family time is expected to recharge them, allowing them to return to their professional lives with renewed energy and perspective. Their fans eagerly await their return, understanding the importance of this personal time.

Cherishing the Present

For now, Ant and Anne-Marie are cherishing every moment leading up to the birth of their child. The support from their friends, family, and fans has been overwhelming, adding to the couple’s joy. This time of anticipation and preparation is a precious phase, one that they are navigating with love and gratitude.


Ant McPartlin and Anne-Marie Corbett are on the brink of a beautiful new chapter as they prepare to welcome their first child together. The couple’s journey is marked by love, anticipation, and a deep sense of family. Meanwhile, Dec’s tribute to Ant through his son’s name further cements the strong bond between the longtime friends. As they pause their professional commitments to focus on family, both Ant and Dec exemplify the importance of balancing work and personal life. Their story continues to inspire and captivate, reminding us all of the joy and significance of family and friendship.


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