Davis Riley Wife All Know About His Wife Alexandra Patton

At PGA Tour pro Davis Riley’s side is his wife Alexandra Patton – an integral figure who has always been there and played an invaluable role in his life and career. This article delves deeper into Alexandra’s life story – her early influences, professional journey and role in Davis’s developing golf career.

Who Is Alexandra Patton?

Since she was born April 27, 1997 in Texas, Alexandra Patton (also known as Sutton by her middle name), has been an important support and partner to Davis Riley. Born into an extended family environment, Alexandra formed strong ties with both grandparents. When one passed away suddenly in 2018, it left a profound hole. However, Alexandra showed remarkable grit in embracing happy memories through an emotive social media post dedicated to their grandmother – an act which showcased both resilience and ability to cherish sweet memories despite this loss by sharing sweet memories on social media in tribute.

How Did Sports Impact Alexandra Early Life?

While at Nacogdoches High School, Alexandra participated in cheerleading squad activities that showed her love of sports and team spirit. That passion carried over into college life at University of Alabama where she pursued a degree in Hospitality Management – particularly through being Director of Choreography for Homecoming her senior year demonstrating her leadership qualities as well as ability to inspire others.

What Career Path Has Alexandra Taken Since Graduating College?

After college graduation, Alexandra embarked on a path reflective of her educational experience. Initially joining Phi Mu Alpha Zeta sorority during college years before transitioning to Deloitte as an Executive Coordinator before progressing further to Senior Experienced Hire Recruiting Coordinator status by 2021 demonstrates her professional growth. Furthermore, her part-time role as Pilates Barre instructor also speaks volumes of her dedication towards fitness and well-being.

Alexandra Riley has been an integral part of Davis Riley’s golfing journey from its infancy. From Korn Ferry Tour victories to joining the PGA Tour, she has witnessed and supported his success and stood beside him through challenges. Attending every PGA Tour event as she cheers from inside the ropes demonstrates both their mutual dedication and the strength of their partnership.

When Did Alexandra and Davis Riley Meet?

Alexandra and Davis Riley’s love story began at the University of Alabama, where Alexandra excelled at event management while Davis excelled at golf. They started dating in October 2017 and have built a life together based on mutual respect and shared dreams – reaching an important milestone with their engagement celebration at Highland Park in Texas on February 20, 2022!

What Are Alexandra and Davis’s Personal Lives?

Alexandra and Davis tied the knot on December 17, 2022 at Arlington Hall at Turtle Creek Park in Texas in front of family and friends. Though they do not yet have children, their family life is enhanced by Bank, their adorable cockapoo who can accompany them everywhere they travel and day-to-day activities; adding an element of companionship outside the world of golf.

As Davis Riley pursues success on the PGA Tour, Alexandra Patton remains an essential part of his life and career journey. Her support goes far beyond mere companionship; it encompasses emotional strength, motivation and an exceptional understanding of professional sports’ highs and lows. Alexandra brings valuable event management and Deloitte team player skills into their relationship, making her more than a mere partner and team player in every sense of the word. As Davis pursues additional victories – possibly including winning at Colonial Country Club – Alexandra will no doubt remain by his side, proving that behind every successful athlete lies an equally devoted and loving partner.

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