Sheikh Yahya

Sheikh Sayyidi Abdul Wahab (ra) states:

Once Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (ra) had taken very ill and we were all very worried that it was the time for him to leave this world. It was then that he said, ‘Do not fear. I am not going to pass away now. I will be fine. I still have Yahya in my spine. His birth is necessary.’ We thought that due to his intense illness he is saying things that may not be making sense so we did not take heed to his words. After some time, he recovered from his illness, and our brother Yahya was born.

Sayyidi Yahya (ra) was born in 550 AH and passed away in the year 600 AH He is buried beside his brother, Sheikh Abdul Wahab (ra) in the Musaafir Khana (Guest-house) of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (ra).

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