Second Lecture - Evening of Tuesday 19th Shawwal 545 AH

The outer appearance of a person who is boastful (of his deeds) may look good, but his heart is impure. He stays away from even that which is permitted, abstains even from that which is Halaal and makes the Religion a means for his financial success. His reality is hidden from the eyes of the general public, but there are those who know and are aware of his reality.

All his acts of piety are a mere pretence. His inner self is contaminated and impure. It is sad if you do not understand that the obedience of Allah is from the heart and not through one’s physical self. All the actions that are good are in reality connected to the depths of the heart. Let the true actions retrieve from you this false garb of pretence and dress you in the true garb.

Remove this garb of fraud and deceit. Remove this garb of hypocrisy and show. Remove the garb of your desire, hypocrisy and boastfulness. Let such false garbs be removed and mixed in the dust so that you may be dressed in the true garb of love and true respect. This is the Dress of Jannat, which is a gift from your Creator.

In other words, remove this garb of the world and put on the garb of the Hereafter. Stop doing good to please the people, so that they may praise you and you may become arrogant. Leave this and come into the Court of Allah, and you will be blessed by Him. If you do so, then His Infinite Mercy will take you into itself. Leave even your self and come into the Court of Allah. Become His and He will become yours.

This will allow you to gain a place of rest in the Shade of His infinite Mercy. It is He who has the cure for your every illness. It is He that has the comfort for your pains and sorrows. You should break yourself for Him, and He will put together everything for you. Distance yourself from all others, and He will become close to you.

Now, which bounty can you ask for. Which is better than this, that He becomes close to you, comforts you in pain and sorrow, cures your illnesses and gives you all that you need? Once you give yourself to Him, then even if all the people of the world get together, they will never be able to harm you. If He makes you His friend, then He will assist you in all your battles on this earth. One who uses the Oneness of Allah to bring love in people, brings life to piety and destroys the wrongs of the world. One who lights in his heart the flame of the love of Allah and puts off all other flames, then it is he who has reached the peak of success.

Such a person has attained his final goal and has gained salvation. He has understood the secrets of gaining the true benefits of the world and it is thus important that you die before your death. In other words, kill your Nafs (desires), kill your carnal desires, kill your Cursed Shaytaan.

This is a unique type of death. The death that we all know is for all, but this is for a few who understand. O People! Take heed to my words, for I am inviting you to the way of Allah. I am inviting you towards His obedience. I am not calling you towards my desires. Hypocrites are not called towards Allah, but towards their Nafs. They are those who are beggars of the world.

O Ignorant People! You become upset with the advice of the pious servants, for you do not wish to seclude yourself in the Love of your Creator. You wish to be in Temples (idol-houses) so that you may be free from all rules, which govern you. This is the means of your destruction. It is my heartfelt advice that you should keep the company of the pious. Walk on the path of the pious. Remove the noose of evil from your necks. Hold firm to the Daaman of your Murshid-e-Kaamil (Pir). By doing this, you will reach elevation, and yes, you will be a means of brightening the hearts of those who connect to you, thus removing the darkness from their hearts. If one only says words of piety and fear with his tongue and his life is filled with sin, then such a person is a Muslim from the outside, but a Kaafir from within. From the outside, he is a Muwahid (one who believes in One Allah) and from within, he is a Polytheist (Mushrik). A true believer commences by rectifying and preparing his inner self. Like an intelligent builder, who first constructs a house, and then puts in a beautiful door (not trying to put a beautiful door without a house).

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