Connor Mcdavid Wife, Connection To Lauren Kyle An Interior Designer

Canadian superstar Connor McDavid, 27, is set to marry his long-term girlfriend, Lauren Kyle, on July 27 at an undisclosed location. McDavid, a renowned ice hockey player, and Kyle, a successful interior designer, have been together since 2016. The couple’s journey from a chance meeting at a friend’s birthday party to planning their wedding has captivated many. McDavid, with a net worth of approximately $30 million, and Kyle, who runs her own design firm, Kyle & Co. Design Studio, have built a life filled with love and mutual support.

How They Met

Connor McDavid and Lauren Kyle first met in 2016 at a birthday party for a mutual friend. The introduction was orchestrated by McDavid’s cousin and his teammate. “We were set up by my cousin and his teammate!” Kyle shared in an Instagram Story. Their connection was instant, and they have been inseparable ever since. Reflecting on their relationship, Kyle said, “We went on a date eight years ago, and the rest is history.”

Lauren Kyle’s Career

Lauren Kyle has established herself as a prominent interior designer. She divides her time between Edmonton and Toronto, working on various projects through her company, Kyle & Co. Design Studio. The studio is described as a “full service design studio,” indicating Kyle’s comprehensive approach to design. Her work not only showcases her talent but also her dedication to creating beautiful and functional spaces.

Engagement and Wedding Plans

The couple announced their engagement last summer with a series of romantic photos on social media. Since then, wedding preparations have been underway, with Kyle taking the lead. McDavid revealed, “I’ve got to make sure that I’ve got my guys dressed, looking good and heading down the aisle on time.” He shared his responsibilities with GQ, adding, “That’s been my role so far. Maybe Lauren will ask for some help as we get a little closer. But so far, it’s been easy.”

Wedding Attire

Connor McDavid has chosen suits from Montreal-based clothing brand Maison Cloakroom for his wedding party. He stated, “I’m getting all the guys some nice black suits to look good on the big day.” Initially, there were discussions about lighter suits to suit the summer wedding, but they ultimately decided on a more traditional look. “I was suggesting something a little bit lighter and not black suits. But ultimately, Lauren wanted something a little bit more traditional and that’s the way we’re going to go,” McDavid explained.

Keeping the Entertainment Secret

The couple has decided to keep the details of their wedding entertainment under wraps until the big day. McDavid humorously noted, “Well, if Lauren found out I was telling people, she’d be mad. She wants to keep it a surprise for everybody that’s going to be there.” This element of surprise adds an exciting touch to their special day.

Epic Bachelorette Party

In April, Lauren Kyle celebrated her upcoming nuptials with a memorable bachelorette party in France. The trip included several partners of McDavid’s teammates, making it a grand affair. Among the attendees were Leon Draisaitl’s longtime girlfriend, Celeste Desjardins, Ryan McLeod’s partner, Alexie Andlauer, and Sam Gagner’s wife, Rachel Gagner. The group enjoyed their time in France, creating lasting memories ahead of Kyle’s wedding.

The Wedding Ceremony

One of the special roles in the wedding will be filled by Sam Gagner’s 4-year-old daughter, Cali, who will be the flower girl. The inclusion of close friends and family in such roles underscores the couple’s desire for an intimate and cherished celebration. As the date approaches, anticipation builds around what is sure to be a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony.


Connor McDavid and Lauren Kyle’s upcoming wedding marks a significant milestone in their journey together. Their story, filled with love and mutual support, has resonated with many. As they prepare to exchange vows, their careful planning and the love they share promise to make their wedding day unforgettable. With Kyle’s expertise in design and McDavid’s support, the event is set to be a beautiful reflection of their relationship. The anticipation surrounding their wedding, from the attire to the entertainment, highlights the excitement and joy shared by their friends, family, and fans alike.

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