Common And Jennifer Hudson, Wiki, Relationship, Bio & More!

The relationship between celebrities is a constant hot topic and the latest events with Jennifer Hudson and Common are not an exception. From small indications to public appearances their relationship is growing beautifully, and attracting both media and fans alike. This is a comprehensive review of the time frame and the how they interact.

How Did Jennifer Hudson and Common’s Relationship Begin?

The roots the beginnings of Jennifer Hudson and Common’s relationship are rooted in their previous performances at events in which their chemistry was obvious. One of their first appearances together was during 2014’s Stand Up to Cancer event in Hollywood. Their unassuming, yet coordinated appearance was the catalyst for the first hint of a possible connection.

Their interactions became more famous in time, especially at events with a high profile, such as The Pre-GRAMMY Gala in February 2015 which was held by Clive Davis and the Recording Academy. There, both were nominated and this only fuelled further speculation regarding their relationship. Common’s nominations for the best song/rap collaboration and the most popular rap record, in addition to Hudson’s nomination for top R&B performance revealed their professional respect and friendship.

What Have Been Their Most Memorable Appearances?

In 2021, Jennifer Hudson and Common were seen with Common during the 69th NBA All-Star Game during the NBA All-Star Weekend in Chicago the city they both hail from. Their exchange during the event was more than solely professional but also had an intimate warmth that was captured in a behind-stage photo which showed them having a fun moment.

Their relationship continued to grow publically, as evident by their appearances at a variety of occasions, including an NBA game with the Toronto Raptors and the LA Clippers at the Arena at which they were seen laughing and playing together.

What Do Their Public Interactions Tell Us?

In August 2023 account on Instagram of MJ: The Musical posted photos of the couple at the performance in Chicago with a further evidence of their continuing relationship. The appearance, along with their involvement in the entertainment and arts scene, indicates a shared interests that go beyond their work lives.

How Do They Address the Rumors?

Despite the increasing public curiosity and speculation however, the two Hudson as well as Common maintain a degree of discretion and privacy regarding their relationship. Hudson’s statement on handling gossip is an example of this. She argues that, regardless of what the media narrative is the genuineness of their emotions remains private and true to their own experiences with each other. This was further affirmed by Common’s comments on the show of Jennifer Hudson, even though he did not explicitly affirming the relationship, he admitted to being in a relationship with someone, a sign to the fact that his fans and audience members believed to include Hudson.

What Was Special About Hudson’s Birthday Tribute to Common?

The relationship appeared to take more of a public appearance after Hudson posted a touching birthday ode for Common via social media. Alongside a throwback picture taken at The NBA All-Star Game, her message was sweet and personal and described Common being “one of the brightest lights, a Chicago and hip hop legend.” This acknowledgement from the public was an affirmation of their close and growing relationship.


Jennifer Hudson and Common’s relationship is a wonderful combination of shared interests, respect for each other, and personal affection. Although they keep their love story in a relatively private manner but the moments they decide to discuss publicly are a testimony to their connection. While they navigate the complexities of a romantic relationship with ease and acceptance, the fans are able to wish them a happy marriage and growing closer connections.

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