Colton Underwood Husband, Explore All Details

Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown in May 2024 received the amazing announcement that they’re having their very first baby through surrogacy, a year after their beautiful wedding on the grounds of Carneros Resort and Spa in Napa. “This experience has been incredible for both of us – I can’t wait for Jordan to become a father!” Underwood declared.

From Coming Out to Finding Love

Colton Underwood publicly came out as gay during a tense conversation during an interview with Robin Roberts of Good Morning America in April 2021 during which he confessed his struggle with his sexuality for a long time and admitted “I’ve hated me for quite a while and now I am proud of myself. period of time and I am gay.” The candid confession was made following an emotional volatile separation from Cassie Randolph.

Following his outing, Underwood quickly found companionship in Jordan C. Brown at an island resort located in Maui, Hawaii. Their relationship quickly developed; Underwood publicly acknowledged his feelings for Brown in an interview with The New York Times where the actor said he was very happy with his love for Brown.

Building a Life Together

The couple established their relationship on Instagram official with sweet posts and celebrations of the holidays The couple then took a significant move by buying a house jointly located in Sherman Oaks, California in the early 2022. Their bond grew stronger when they lived their lives together, such as celebrating the 30th birthday of Underwood together and also sharing intimate moments via social media.

Underwood and Brown were engaged on an intimate getaway in Big Sur, California in February 2022. “I am overjoyed! 2021 was a year of a profound change for me. Starting 2022 with my most trusted friend, teammate, and finally, the woman I’ve always imagined would happen!” Underwood exclaimed.

A Nontraditional Wedding

Underwood and Brown’s wedding celebration was a memorable three-day affair that was filled with laughter, love and personal details that reflected their unique personalities. The festivities featured performances from Stanford University Artistic Swimmers as and a disco-themed swimming pool party. The couple said their vows in front of 200 guests in their custom Tom Ford suits from Tom Ford.

Underwood stated about Jordan that in her opinion, his caring and heart-shaped personality are unlike anything else in the world. Jordan does more than to help those around him which speaks for itself!

Preparing for Parenthood

Since the beginning of their relationship, Underwood and Brown recognized their common dream of becoming fathers. Following rigorous testing and selection of egg donors, Underwood and Brown now have several frozen embryos, which they plan to freeze themselves.

“Rather than letting our doctor choose which embryo belongs to whom, our approach has been to treat each one as ours and build our family that way,” Underwood stated. “Biology-wise we’re staying away from that notion – rather it’s about building family.”

A New Chapter

Colton Underwood and Jordan C. Brown are eagerly anticipating to welcome their son to be born in the month of the month of October 2024. Their journey towards becoming fathers demonstrates their love and dedication to creating a family which Underwood observed while reflecting on the relationship between him and Brown. Underwood said “I love everything we have created so far…with two dogs, our home, this wedding, etc…we have truly come together into something so compatible and in sync!”

Underwood Brown and Brown remain a source of inspiration for other parents with their tale of acceptance, love, and the joy of becoming parents.

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