Charlie And Carlo Aquino Are Married, New Life Begin Their

On the 9th of June, 2024, amid the beautiful landscapes that surround Silang, Cavite, celebrity couple Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon took vows to each other, completing their love story with a beautiful wedding ceremony. The ceremony, which took place in a resort that is private, is a major milestone for them, nearly one year ago, they had established their relationship on January 20, 2023.

Who Attended the Star-Studded Affair?

The guests list was a list of celebrities from the Philippine entertainment business, which ensured that the evening was absolutely amazing. Stars like Sue Ramirez, Belle Mariano as well as Loisa Andalio adorned the evening by exhibiting their presence. Particularly, veteran actors Vilma Santos-Concio as well as Maricel Soriano also were at the event, as were the top ABS-CBN directors Carlo Katigbak, Cory Vidanes and Laurenti Dyogi. This fusion of actors under one roof further highlighted the importance of the couple’s position within the field.

How Did the Couple Announce Their Big Day?

Incredibly, the couple kept the suspense surrounding the wedding date. The first indication that they were getting married came through Carlo Aquino himself, who was on the day of the wedding day, shared an intimate photo via social networks. The photo, which showed couple holding hands on the lake, was captioned with poetic poetry and suggested a future that is filled with love and joy. Charlie Dizon’s adoring response in the section with comments, “I love you,” was a perfect way to increase the enthusiasm and anticipation among the people who follow him.

What is Known About Their Love Story?

The chronology of Carlo and Charlie’s romance depicts an ever-growing love affair. The rumors of them dating first emerged in the latter half of 2022 when they appeared together on La Union. In January 2023, Aquino stated that they were in the process of forming relationships, while describing the stage in the form of “getting to know each other.” The relationship began prior, but they first met on stage of the ABS-CBN 2020 show “A Soldier’s Heart.” The relationship grew stronger throughout their Star Magic US travel tour that took place in the summer of 2022 and then was further developed upon returning in the Philippines.

What Projects Have They Worked on Together?

Professionally speaking, Carlo along with Charlie have been on screen together several times, which will surely have benefited their friendship. Apart from their first collaboration in “A Soldier’s Heart,” both of them co-starred in the film of 2023 titled “Third World Romance.” Their on-screen interactions was a sign of their relationship offscreen, making the transition from co-stars into living partners an absolute delight to the fans and their followers.

What Do the Wedding Photos Reveal?

Wedding photos from the official ceremony, posted through Myio Okamoto, give a peek of the wedding day. These photos convey the class and joy of the celebration as the couple is perfectly dressed and in a crowded room with relatives, friends as well as nature. The happiness and affection that are evident in these photos offer an intimate glimpse into an unforgettable wedding day and a memorable day for Carlo as well as Charlie.

What’s Next for the Newlyweds?

At present, Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon are yet to publish an official post on their wedding. They are likely to enjoy the day privately prior to sharing it to the public. Due to their professional and public appearances, the couple are likely to remain at the forefront in both their individual lives and as a couple. The public can anticipate the more joint projects they have as well as off-screen in the course of the next chapter of their lives as a couple.

The wedding ceremony of Carlo Aquino and Charlie Dizon does not just mark the reunification of two adored personalities, as well as a signpost of romance and friendship in the industry of Philippine entertainment. In their transition to marriage, their path from working together to becoming soulmates is a testimony to the random and beautiful path that our lives can take to us.

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