Brad Stevens Wife, Quick Facts You Should Know

Brad Stevens, the President of Basketball Operations for the Boston Celtics, and his wife, Tracy Wilhelmy Stevens, share a remarkable journey both personally and professionally. Brad, aged 47, and Tracy have been married since 2003 and have two children: a son named Brady and a daughter named Kinsley. Tracy, a contract attorney with a law degree from Case Western Reserve University, has played an integral role in Brad’s career, even negotiating his initial contract with the Celtics. Brad’s net worth is estimated at $6 million, reflecting his successful career in basketball.

College Sweethearts

Brad and Tracy met during their freshman year at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana. Both graduated in 1999, with Brad earning a degree in economics and Tracy double-majoring in political science. Their shared college experience laid a strong foundation for their relationship, culminating in their marriage in August 2003. Brad often draws parallels between coaching the Celtics and parenting, emphasizing the importance of effort, investment, and care in both roles.

Tracy’s Legal Career

After graduating from DePauw, Tracy pursued a law degree at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland. She specialized in contract and labor law, working at the Indianapolis-based firm Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP. Tracy’s legal expertise proved invaluable when Brad was hired by the Celtics; she personally handled the negotiation of his contract. Her skills as a contract attorney allowed her to secure favorable terms, showcasing her ability to balance personal and professional commitments.

Encouragement and Support

Brad’s decision to leave a promising career at Eli Lilly and Company for a volunteer coaching position at Butler University was significantly influenced by Tracy’s support. In 2000, when Brad received the offer from Butler, Tracy encouraged him to pursue his passion for coaching. Her unwavering belief in Brad’s potential and dedication to his happiness underscored their strong partnership.

Athletic Background

Tracy’s involvement in athletics extends beyond her support for Brad’s career. At DePauw, she was a standout soccer player, serving as the captain of the women’s soccer team during her senior year. Her leadership helped the team reach the Division III NCAA tournament for the first time. Tracy’s athletic background and competitive spirit have undoubtedly influenced her approach to both her legal career and her support for Brad’s coaching endeavors.

Personal Tragedy and Advocacy

In 2004, Tracy faced a profound personal tragedy when her mother, Mary Kay, passed away from cancer. This loss deeply affected Tracy and motivated her to pursue her law degree in Cleveland, where her mother was receiving treatment. The experience spurred Brad and Tracy to become active supporters of cancer research and awareness. They have been involved with the American Cancer Society’s Coaches Vs. Cancer program, which raises funds and awareness for cancer research.

Community Involvement

The Stevens family is also committed to community service and philanthropy. Beyond their work with cancer-related causes, Brad and Tracy have volunteered for the Jukes Foundation for Kids, which benefits underprivileged children. Their dedication to giving back to the community reflects their values and commitment to making a positive impact beyond the basketball court.

Tracy’s Role in Brad’s Career

Tracy’s influence on Brad’s career extends beyond contract negotiations. Her legal background and understanding of labor law have provided Brad with valuable insights throughout his professional journey. Tracy’s support has been a cornerstone of Brad’s success, allowing him to focus on his coaching and leadership roles while knowing that he has a trusted advisor by his side.

Balancing Family and Career

The Stevens family exemplifies the balance of professional ambition and personal commitment. Brad’s demanding career in the NBA is complemented by Tracy’s dedication to their family and her professional achievements. Together, they navigate the challenges of their respective careers while prioritizing their children and community involvement.


Brad and Tracy Stevens’ story is one of mutual support, professional collaboration, and personal resilience. Their journey from college sweethearts to influential figures in the sports and legal fields showcases the strength of their partnership. As Brad continues to lead the Boston Celtics and Tracy remains an integral part of their family’s success, their shared values and commitment to each other serve as an inspiring example of a balanced and fulfilling life.

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