Bobby Hawk Blue Springs, What Are the Allegations Against Hawk?

The pastor Bobby Hawk, once a prominent person at EPIC Church and president of the Blue Springs, Missouri, Board of Education, has quit his prestigious posts following allegations of serious misconduct. In the last week the Board of Education accepted his resignation. The decision quickly followed a string of scandalous allegations emerged regarding his conduct in his time both in the church and inside the local school district.

What Are the Allegations Against Hawk?

Izzy Davis, a former youth leader at EPIC Church, has brought forward accusations which have shaken the community. In a long blog article, Davis recounted unsettling interactions with Pastor Hawk, specifically an incident in which he shook her hand, causing her to feel uncomfortable immediately. This was further exacerbated by Hawk’s assertion that they had done nothing wrong in the first place, which Davis considered to be untruthful and warning signs.

How Has the Community Responded?

The response of members of the local community as well as the organizations Hawk was a part of has been quick and decisive. After the approval that he resigned by his school board EPIC Church also placed him on administrative leave. An email distributed to the EPIC Church community calls to pray for the Pastor Hawk as well as his family and church staff, stressing the church’s determination to handle this situation with respect for the community.

What Does This Incident Tell Us About Trust in Community Leaders?

Megan Devers, a lead interrogator for forensics for the Child Protection Center, commented on the wider consequences of these instances. She noted that, shockingly more than 90% in child-abuse cases are involving people who the child is familiar with and trusts including teachers, coaches, pastors and parents. This is an eloquent reminder of the deceit that can occur when a trusted leader in the community is a victim of serious allegations.

How Is the Child Protection Center Addressing These Issues?

The Child Protection Center, where Devers is employed, is on the forefront of combating child abuse in the local community. The program includes thorough instruction on identifying the signs of abuse, and developing guidelines for swift and efficient intervention when there is suspicion of abuse. The aim is to inform the community and highlight the importance of protecting our children from the people they trust most.


The Blue Springs community Blue Springs is at a point of no return as it deals with the aftermath of Hawk’s resignation and accusations against Hawk. The church and school district are charged to rebuild trust and ensure that these incidents are dealt with more openly and efficiently in the near future. When the community is reflecting on these events, the expectation is that a new leadership team will emerge, one that adheres to high standards for integrity, honesty and respect and creates a safer, more secure atmosphere for everyone.

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