Bill Belichick Dating, Know Who is Jordon Hudson?

Jordon Hudson, a 24 year old former cheerleader has been in the news not because of her athletic abilities, but for her private life. Based on TMZ, Hudson was a cheerleader who caught the attention of ex- New England Patriots coach, Bill Belichick. Since the time, their relationship has developed significantly, culminating with public appearances and the media’s interest.

How Did Belichick and Hudson Meet?

The beginnings of their romance go back to a random meeting. In 2021, on an airplane journey to Boston in the direction of Florida, Belichick and Hudson came across each other. While on the flight, Hudson was working on a project on philosophy, which resulted in a discussion between Belichick and Hudson. The first time they met on the plane was the beginning of what would eventually become an ongoing relationship. They exchanged contact details following their landing, which opened the way for future communication.

What caused Belichick’s breakup to Linda Holliday?

The relationship between Bill Belichick and Linda Holliday had been public and steady for more than 10 years. In September 2023, it was reported through Page Six that Belichick and Holliday had been in a relationship for a long time. The reasons behind their split were not revealed in the media, however, the time coincides with the time that the interactions between Belichick and Hudson became more frequent and more public.

Why Was Belichick at a Cheerleading Competition?

On March 1, Belichick has been spotted during the cheerleading contest at National Harbor, Maryland. This event occurred during the NFL combine, a sporting event which Belichick usually attended. According to reports by TMZ the reason for his attendance at the event for cheerleaders was in support of Hudson and highlight the importance of his personal relationship with Hudson. The appearance in public was the first signs that clearly indicated Belichick’s keen attention to Hudson’s activities beyond their personal interactions.


Bill Belichick, at 72 entering into a romantic relationship with a 24-year-old Jordon Hudson, who was a former cheerleader, reveals an entirely new chapter for the famous coach. Their friendship, which began through a chance meeting on a plane and has grown into one that draws attention from the public and the attention of others. As they live their private and public lives and their relationship develops, their relationship is sure to generate fascination and speculation.

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