Angelina Jolie New Tattoo, Know All Details Here!

Angelina Jolie graced the opening night of The Outsiders on Broadway Not just as producer, but also as a proud mother, joined by her eldest daughter, Vivienne Jolie-Pitt. At the age of 48, Jolie continues to captivate with her timeless beauty and unique style that was fully on visible on the carpet. This event was a significant event, not just for the show but as well for Jolie when she revealed her latest tattoo – an ode to the spirit of The Outsiders and its timeless message.

What Is the Significance of Jolie’s New Tattoo?

Jolie’s latest ink, which elegantly written “Stay Gold” on her wrist, is of profound significance. This expression is famously linked with S.E. Hinton’s The Outsiders which includes both the novel as well as the 1983 version in film written by Francis Ford Coppola. The dialogue embodies the heartbreaking concept of innocence and the short-lived nature of youth an essential element of the novel.

Within connection with the Broadway adaptation that Jolie is directing, “Stay Gold” has been transformed into music, which has embedded the message in the story. The relationship to the show demonstrates Jolie’s fervent personal involvement in this project, making the tattoo an act of faith which binds her to the show and the themes it explores.

Who Else Got the Matching Tattoo and What Does It Symbolize?

Joining Jolie as a tribute to Jolie is Justin Levine, co-book writer and score composer of this Broadway show. Levine’s corresponding “Stay Gold” tattoo was shown via the artist’s Instagram Stories in April 14 and tagged the world-renowned tattooist Mark Mahoney. This ink shared is an ode to the collective spirit of the project and the shared commitment to honoring the original material’s message.

How Did Jolie’s Outfit Reflect the ‘Stay Gold’ Ethos?

The red carpet appearance of Jolie was an impressive demonstration in thematic dress. Jolie wore a gold dress that was part of her Chloe x Atelier Jolie collaboration that reflected that “Stay Gold” mantra. The dress is distinguished by its warm tone and exquisite design, demonstrated Jolie’s inclination to blend elegant style with symbolic meaning.

The look was enhanced by an old-fashioned cape with the color of rust, which gave the look a touch of classic elegance. Jolie’s accessories, such as multi-colored metal earrings echo the warm hues of her dress, while her hair, which was honey blonde and relaxed and slicked back, defined her face stunningly. The bold red lip offered stunning contrast, adding to her radiant look overall.

How Did Atelier Jolie Contribute to the Event?

Atelier Jolie, a venture founded by Angelina Jolie, played a crucial role in dressing a few the the Outsiders actors for the show. The initiative is a reflection of Jolie’s dedication to sustainability, which is a fundamental concept that is the foundation of Atelier Jolie. The brand is focused on repurposing materials from the past and deadstock. They also collaborate with designers and artists to create unique, eco sustainable fashion.

This method not only promotes sustainability, but also highlights the art and craft that go into giving new life to materials. In dressing the actors in Atelier Jolie The brand’s values were seamlessly integrated into the celebration which reflected the concept of keeping and cherishing the past while welcoming the modern.

What Does This Event Mean for Jolie’s Future Projects?

The success of the debut to the musical The Outsiders in Broadway and the debut of her new tattoo indicate an exciting direction for Jolie’s next ventures in production and theater. Her involvement in hands-on activities, along with her daughter Vivienne shows her dedication to creating new avenues for creativity and sharing her favorite stories with new audience members.

Jolie’s decision to imprint the iconic line from the show on her wrist suggests her deep connection with her themes from the show The Outsiders. This indicates that her next projects will show her passion for authentic storytelling, as well as her dedication to the preservation of classic stories.


Angelina Jolie’s newest tattoo “Stay Gold,” encapsulates the timeless theme from “The Outsiders and is a reflection of her deep connections to this Broadway adaptation. Her presence on the opening night of the show, along with her daughter Vivienne she not only celebrated the premiere however, it also highlighted her ongoing influence on the world of theatre and storytelling. Jolie’s gold attire and eco-friendly style choices further highlighted the night’s theme, demonstrating her determination to integrate art and the purpose of her work.

This is a major event in the career of Jolie and combines the roles of an actor and producer with her role as an activist for sustainability. As Jolie continues to explore new artistic horizons, her dedication to significant projects and her ability to bring personal significance to her work will keep her at the top of the entertainment business. The “Stay Gold” tattoo stands as a testament to her ongoing commitment to capture her characters’ essence in the films she tells to life, and ensuring that their messages will remain relevant and enthralling as they have always been.

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