Amanda Knox Husband, A Millionaire’s Net Worth

Christopher Robinson, a successful author, has made a significant mark in the literary world. With a background in creative writing from Boston University and an MFA from Hunter College, Robinson’s works have appeared in prestigious publications, contributing to his sound net worth.

Diverse Publications

Robinson’s writings have been featured in notable outlets such as The Kenyon Review and McSweeney’s. His novel “War of the Encyclopaedists,” co-authored with Gavin Kovite, was highly praised by The New York Times, describing it as “captivating.” Published in 2015 by Scribner, the book has an average rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars. Another of his works, “Deliver Us,” released in 2018 by Alephactory, was a Foreword Indies Book of the Year finalist.

Amanda Knox’s Defamation Conviction

Amanda Knox, Robinson’s wife, recently faced renewed scrutiny in Italy due to her defamation conviction. Although Knox’s 2007 homicide conviction was overturned in 2015, her defamation conviction, stemming from false accusations against her boss Patrick Lumumba, was upheld by an Italian court. Despite this, Knox will not return to prison, having already served four years.

War of Encyclopaedists

Robinson’s “War of the Encyclopaedists,” co-written with Kovite, garnered acclaim and established his reputation. The novel’s engaging narrative and character development were highlighted by critics, making it a standout piece in his literary career. This book showcases Robinson’s ability to collaborate and create compelling stories that resonate with readers.

Financial Standing

According to a Glassdoor report, authors typically earn between $61,000 and $113,000 annually. Based on this, Robinson’s estimated net worth is around $1 million. This figure likely doesn’t account for all his assets, as Robinson tends to keep his personal life private.

Deliver Us

“Deliver Us,” another notable work by Robinson, further solidified his position in the literary community. Published in 2018, the book was recognized as a Foreword Indies Book of the Year finalist, highlighting Robinson’s versatility and depth as a writer. The recognition for this book underscores his consistent ability to produce high-quality literary work.

Additional Creative Ventures

Beyond writing novels, Robinson’s creative talents extend to illustration. He worked with Joseph Moon on the book “Brain vs. Heart,” published in 2012. This collaboration highlights Robinson’s multifaceted artistic abilities and his willingness to explore different creative mediums.

Labyrinths Podcast

Robinson and Knox co-host the “Labyrinths: Getting Lost” podcast. This platform allows them to explore various topics and engage with a broader audience, showcasing their dynamic as a couple and as individual creators. The podcast has contributed to their public personas and expanded their reach beyond traditional literary circles.

The Cardio Tesseract

In 2020, Robinson and Knox released “The Cardio Tesseract,” a book of love poems they wrote together. This intimate collection offers a glimpse into their personal lives, addressing themes like love, fear, hope, and memories of imprisonment. The book received praise for its heartfelt and skillful portrayal of their relationship.

Amanda Knox’s Public Life

Knox’s public life has been tumultuous due to her wrongful conviction and subsequent defamation charges. Despite these challenges, she has remained resilient, continuing to build a life with Robinson. Their collaboration on “The Cardio Tesseract” is a testament to their enduring bond and creative synergy.

Critical Acclaim

Renowned poet Mary Karr praised Robinson and Knox’s book, acknowledging their adept handling of love as a subject. Karr’s endorsement underscores the literary merit of their collaborative work and highlights the emotional depth they bring to their writing.


Christopher Robinson’s career is marked by literary success, diverse creative ventures, and a strong partnership with Amanda Knox. His works, including acclaimed novels and collaborative projects, reflect his talent and dedication to the craft. Despite personal challenges, Robinson and Knox continue to thrive, both individually and together, in the literary and creative worlds.

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