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I was in freak-out mode, I’m not going to lie,” DeWanna Bonner confessed after a recent practice with a laugh. Despite the season-ending injury to two-time All-Star Brionna Jones, the Connecticut Sun (23-10) have managed to keep pace with WNBA superteams like the Las Vegas Aces and New York Liberty. Bonner recalls the initial reaction to Jones’ injury, with many doubting Connecticut’s chances. However, she and her fiancée, teammate Alyssa Thomas, had faith in their ability to rally the team.

Thomas, an unwavering optimist, expected success all along. “I’ve had to get her to see my vision. It takes a while for her, until it starts happening,” Thomas said, while Bonner chuckled in agreement. With less than three weeks left in the regular season, the Sun have clinched a seventh consecutive playoff berth, proving their resilience and solidifying their status as title contenders.

Dynamic Duo

The Sun might not boast multiple former No. 1 picks like the Aces or MVPs like the Liberty, but they have the dynamic duo of Thomas and Bonner. Thomas has even positioned herself as an MVP candidate with a record five triple-doubles this season. Off the court, the couple got engaged during the All-Star break in July, marking a personal high point amidst their professional success.

Their coach, Stephanie White, emphasizes the unique leadership of Thomas and Bonner. “Because of our leadership with those two in particular, our versatility and the pieces around them, we’re a scary team,” White said. The couple’s complementary styles—Thomas’s calm demeanor and Bonner’s energetic presence—create a balanced leadership dynamic that drives the team’s success.

Team Transformation

Thomas has been with the Sun for her entire 10-year career, witnessing significant changes, especially after the team’s loss to the Aces in the last year’s WNBA Finals. Former head coach/general manager Curt Miller left for the Los Angeles Sparks, and the Sun hired Stephanie White. Darius Taylor, the new general manager, made bold moves by trading key players like Jasmine Thomas and Jonquel Jones while bringing in veterans Tiffany Hayes and Rebecca Allen, and younger talents Tyasha Harris and Olivia Nelson-Ododa.

The offseason mood in Uncasville was promising despite the anticipated rebuild. Bonner, who joined the Sun in 2020 aiming to help them win their first title, found herself inspired by the new direction. White’s offense emphasized a free-flowing, read-and-react system with greater spacing, allowing Thomas’s versatility to shine.

Adapting and Thriving

Bonner’s fifth All-Star bid in Las Vegas was especially meaningful, as it came months after she tore a ligament in her left wrist while playing overseas. The injury and subsequent rehab process were challenging, but Bonner’s perseverance paid off. Despite her wrist not being fully healed, she has averaged 30.4 minutes per game this season.

Jones’s Achilles injury in late June was a significant blow, yet the Sun’s performance hardly faltered. Bonner admits she initially struggled to adapt, but Thomas’s positivity helped her see the potential. “You have a huge piece missing, and it’s just like, ‘What the f— are we about to do?'” Bonner recalled.

Thomas had to encourage Bonner to embrace the smaller lineups and play to her strengths. The Sun’s win percentage and net rating have remained strong, and their defensive rating is the best in the league since Jones’s injury. “Breezy going down could easily have been more than a bump in the road for this group,” White said.

Championship Mindset

Bonner and Thomas’s stats have remained impressive despite the season’s challenges. Bonner recorded back-to-back 30-point games for the first time in her career and achieved her first 40-point game in early June. She is set to join the ranks of all-time greats like Cynthia Cooper and Diana Taurasi as one of the few players to average at least 17 points at age 35 or older.

Thomas, meanwhile, has broken several triple-double records and is on track to become the first player to lead the league in both rebounds and assists. Her performance has catapulted her into the MVP conversation, yet she remains focused on the ultimate goal: winning a championship. “I’ve had this much fun in a while,” Thomas said, reflecting on the season.

Bonner echoes this sentiment, emphasizing that accolades only mean so much without a championship. “She might not be scoring as many points [as Stewart or Wilson], but look at our team and look at their team,” Bonner said. She believes Thomas should win MVP but acknowledges that the team’s ultimate goal is a championship.

As the playoffs approach, Thomas continues to work on getting Bonner to embrace her vision. “I’m still working on it—I’m trying to get her to see the vision for playoffs,” Thomas said with a smile. The Sun are right where they want to be, poised to make a deep playoff run and potentially secure their first WNBA championship.

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