Aldi Recall Chicken, What You Need to Know About It

Aldi is a well-known supermarket chain, has just issued an recall on one of its items due to an issue with the labeling that may impact the safety of consumers. The particular product, Ashfields Grill 4 Garlic & Herb Chicken Kebabs, is found to be carrying an unintentional date of use that can cause health issues when consumed after the expiration date. This article will help you learn about the recall, what it means as well as the steps that consumers need to follow.

What Product Is Being Recalled?

Aldi has issued a recall of their Ashfields Grill 4 Garlic & Herb Chicken Kebabs, packaged in 320g portions. The recall was initiated because of an error on the packaging that contained the date of use. In particular, only a handful of these items were labeled by a date of use-by July 9, which is an inaccurate label which may mislead customers regarding the quality of the item.

Why Is This Recall Important?

Food recalls are crucial steps used to avoid from eating potentially harmful food items. Incorrect use-by dates for these kebabs of chicken could make consumers eat the food after it has been spoiled, increasing the likelihood of getting foodborne illness. Though no other items are reported to have been affected however, recalling the kebabs is an precautionary measure in order to guarantee security for customers.

What Should Consumers Do?

If you’ve purchased the affected item and you are aware of the issue, we recommend to avoid eating the product. Aldi requests that consumers take their Ashfields Grill 4 Garlic & Herb Chicken Kebabs to the nearest Aldi store to receive full reimbursement. The receipt does not need to be provided to return the item. The return process ensures that the customer have the opportunity to receive their refund and dispose of an dangerous item.

What Measures Has Aldi Taken?

As a result of the finding of the kebabs that were mislabeled, Aldi has acted swiftly to minimize any possible risk to health. Aldi has made clear the reason for its recall to customers via points of sale announcements in the retail outlets that sell the item. The notices explain the reason for the recall, as well as directions about what consumers must do when they’ve purchased the affected the kebabs.

Are Other Products Affected?

According to Aldi the company, there are no other items that are affected in the recall. This issue is confined to Ashfields Grill 4 Garlic & Herb Chicken Kebabs that come in the special 320g packaging. Aldi is ensuring that other items that fall under the same brand, or in similar types, are safe for consumption and adhere to the security standards.

What Does the Food Standards Agency Say?

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) is backing Aldi’s recall choice in a statement highlighting the importance of this measure to ensure the safety of consumers. The FSA urges customers to be aware of the warning and return the item immediately. The company is also assisting Aldi to reach out effectively to the customers in order to avoid the health hazards that could be a result of the incorrect labeling.

How Can Consumers Stay Informed?

To keep up to date regarding this and other food recalls, shoppers can go to Aldi’s official site or the Food Standards Agency’s site. Both websites provide frequent updates along with detailed information regarding current recalls and safety warnings. Consumers are also able to join direct notifications from these websites to get immediate updates on crucial safety-related information.


The proactive recall of Aldi’s the flimsly labeled Ashfields Grill 4 Garlic & Herb Chicken Kebabs makes sure that the health of consumers is taken into consideration. Through immediate recalls and effectively contacting customers, Aldi helps mitigate any possible risks associated with eating the products. Customers are advised to adhere to the recall guidelines to return the affected food items so as to protect their health and safety.

By taking these steps, Aldi continues to maintain the highest standards in consumer protection and confidence. It also addresses any concerns quickly and efficiently in order to guarantee the safety of its products in all aspects.

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