Aj Styles Retirement, Get Complete Details

AJ Styles, also known as “The Phenomenal One,” is among WWE’s most renowned superstars, having enjoyed for two WWE Championship reigns in his career of two decades. But, his recent defeats against Cody Rhodes at Backlash for Undisputed Championship and Randy Orton in King of the Ring qualifier matches have been a source of critical decisions for him. Last weekend on SmackDown Styles indicated that he might have an important discussion about his future with Nick Aldis about his future Here are three possibilities that he could consider if he’s faced with a career crossroads.

Reunite with Omos

Reunite with Omos Even though AJ Styles is best-known for his solo work His tag team alliance with Omos Nigerian Giant Omos proved memorable and profitable as they dominated the attention of the WWE Universe by winning the Raw Tag Team Championship in 2020. Omos was a bodyguard and partner, developing an intimate relationship between him and Styles that has lasted for years.

Omos has had a difficult time since their split to establish his place in WWE. In spite of facing prominent competitors like Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins, Omos still has not made himself a major superstar. As a free agent, AJ Styles could use his influence alongside Nick Aldis to persuade Omos to come back to A-Town Down Under to renew their tag team’s run that could boost each of them further and lead them to win their first WWE Tag Team Championship!

Potential Retirement

At the age of 46, AJ Styles has accomplished almost every award that is possible when it comes to professional wrestling. In discussing his physical health when he wrestled at WrestleMania XL, he voiced doubts about his fitness to compete at this level. In an interview on The Ringer ahead of WrestleMania XL, AJ Styles candidly admitted his anxiety about appearing embarrassing on the stage and expressed his uncertainty in regards to his future prospects in the business.

“I’ve determined that it’s time to end my career. In time the time comes, this will have to come to an end,” he lamented.

Based on these factors, Styles may decide to engage in a candid discussion with Nick Aldis about his plans to retire. With Aldis helping to arrange an official ceremony to allow Styles to make his retirement in front of the crowd after an amazing game with Cody Rhodes at Backlash, retiring could be the right end to his incredible career.

Fight with Santos Escobar

AJ Styles remains one of WWE’s most consistent performers. As his career is slowing down, Styles could transition into an advisory role for new talent. Not but it could help shape the next generation of WWE but it could also let Styles to contribute in a meaningful way.

Santos Escobar of Legado Del Fantasma is a highly exciting SmackDown talent, however he is fairly unknown to the main WWE roster. A fight with AJ Styles could significantly increase Escobar’s visibility and credibility Given the alliance between Escobar and Styles, numbers could force Styles to rejoin the O.C faction, due to the numbers game played by AJ; this storyline could create a an exciting television show while also solidifying Escobar as a formidable rival within WWE.


AJ Styles stands at an moment of transition in his career and has many options for him to choose from. The possibility of reuniting with Omos to form a tag team match, resigning after a stellar career or fighting with Santos Escobar to elevate younger talents are all options and each one reflects various aspects of Styles his legacy and possible contribution to WWE. As fans wait for his decision there is one thing that is for certain: The Phenomenal One will forever leave an imprint on professional wrestling, regardless of the direction he chooses to take.

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