Sheikh Hafiz Abdul Razzak Tajuddin

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Sheikh Sayyidi Abdur Razzaq (ra) was born on the 18th of Zil Qaadah 528 AH. He also attained his education at the feet of his blessed father. Besides his proficiency in Hadith and Fiqh he was also a dynamic debater. He was a Haafizul Hadith and a very wise Jurist. His kindness, generosity and humility were well known to the people of Baghdad. He used to stay away from the people to the best of his ability, as he preferred silent meditation in the Court of Allah. He, however, dearly loved those students who were in search of knowledge of the Deen. He passed away on a Saturday, the 7th of Shawaal 613 AH in the city of Baghdad. The crowd that arrived at the Janazah of Sayyidi Abdur Razzaq (ra) when it was announced was so vast that there was no place in the city. The Janazah had to be performed outside the city so that all the people could join in the prayer. It was performed at various places for the benefit of the thousands of people attending.

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