Abdullah Sauma’ee

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He was the maternal grandfather of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani (ra) He was a very patient, humble, kind and sincere person. His home served as a place of refuge for the poor, needy and the orphaned. He was amongst the grand Mashaa’ikh of Jilan. He was known as a great “Sahib-e-Karamah”, meaning that he performed many miracles that were seen by thousands of people; from amongst whom many became his disciples by joining his spiritual order.

Once, a few of his disciples (mureeds) were on a business expedition to Samarkand. Bandits stopped them. They immediately called out his name for assistance. Suddenly, they found him standing besides them saying, in a state of Jalaal, to the bandits: “Our Allah is Pure and free from defects. Bandits! Stay away (from my disciples).” When the bandits heard these words, they dispersed leaving the Mureeds safe and unharmed. When the mureeds searched for Sayyidi Abdullah Sauma’ee (ra) after this incident, he was nowhere to be seen. When they disciples returned to Jilan, they informed the people there of this incident only to be told that the great Saint (Wali) of Allah had not been seen to leave the city of Jilan during that particular time period.

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