Fatima al-Nisaburiya

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Hazrate Fatima al-Nisaburiya
Hazrate Fatima al-Nisaburiya of Khorasan
The daughter of the prince of Balkh City
Born 234 AH / 849 AD
Nishapur, Khorosan, Iran
Passed away Unknown, arround 10th century
Unknown, passed away whiles traveling to visit Mecca

Nishapur was known to be a city which thrived in regard to culture and knowledge between the 9th and 11th centuries. It was located in Khorasan in modern day Iran. Nishapur was the hub for Sufi gatherings and learning. Many would travel from far and wide to participate.
"Fatima al-Nisaburiya", was the daughter of the prince of Balkh City. She abandoned her life of luxury and willingly chose the Sufi ‘path’. She offered herself in marriage to a well known Sufi of the time, Ahmad ibn Khudruya, who accepted her offer after she had sent to him envoys twice asking him to propose.


Opinions of Great sufis about her

Fatima was known for her meetings with the eminent Sufi masters of her time, such as Dhu al- Nun al-Misri and Abu Yazid Bistami, in circles of study and discussions on matters of worship and Sufi knowledge.

Dhu al-Nun called her a true “saint/mystic” and declared that she is his “teacher.” In the same manner Bistami praised her as a true worthy woman (“I have known in my whole life only one true woman: Fatima”), who surprised him by already knowing and experiencing all the spiritual ‘stations’ of the mystical path before ever telling her about them.
Dhu al- Nun asked her to advise him on a matter. She replied “Make truthfulness obligatory and mortify yourself in your actions and words. God Most High has said: And when a matter is resolved, it would be best for them if they were true to God (Surah Muhammed 47:21)

Hazrat Dhu Nun Al Misri was reported to have said “She is a Saint from amongst the friends of God, the Glorious and Mighty. She is also my teacher (ustadhi). He also said I heard her say: when God ignores a person, he will wonder aimlessly in every city square and will prattle constantly with every tongue. When God does not ignore a person, he silences him except for the truth and compels him to hold Him in reverence and sincerity.”

The character of Fatima al-Nisaburiya

The character portrait of Fatima al- Nisaburiya shows her to be strong-willed, independent, self-confident, and very much involved in the cultural life of Sufi elites at the time. Historical narration about her seems to be impressed by these qualities and mystical capabilities.

Hazrate Fatima al-Nisaburiya (May God have mercy on her) once said

“One who acts for the sake of God while desiring to witness Him in Gnostic (arif) where as one who acts in the hope that God will notice him is the sincere believer (mukhlis)

Death of Fatima al-Nisaburiya

Hazrate Fatima al-Nisaburiya left this world in Mecca whilst on the way to perform Umrah. Although not much is known about her departure , we know that she passed away in the in the 10th century.


Excerpts from - Women of Sufism – A Hidden Treasure Helminski C

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