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Ashraf Jahangir Simnani
Hazrat Khawaja Syed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Simnani
Order Chishti, Qadiri, Ashrafi (founder)
Born 1308 AD / 708 AH
Semnan, Iran
Passed away 1405 AD / 807 AH
Kichocha Sharif, Ambedkar Nagar, India.


Ghousul Alam

Mahboobe Yazdani

Hazrat Khawaja Syed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Semnani (Urdu and Persian:سیداشرف جهانگیر سمنانی) (born 1308 AD / 708 AH and died 1405 AD / 807 AH) was a Sufi Saint of both the Chishti and Qadiri Orders of Sufism.

Family & Lineage

Hazrat Khawaja Syed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Semnani was born in 708 AH (1308 CE) in Semnan, where his family originated from. He settled in Kicchocha Sharif, Ambedkar Nagar District, Uttar Pradesh in northern India, were he expanded the Chishti and the Qadiri orders, to a point where a branch of these orders was started after him, known as the Ashrafia order.

Ashraf Jahangir Semnani was a direct descendent of the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, his daughter Fatimah (ra), through her son Husayn ibn Ali Ra.gif and his great grandson Ja'far al-Sadiq Ra.gif. His father was Syed Ibrahim Noor Bakshi, the king of Semnan, where he ruled with utmost Justice and sincerity for 20 years. He was not only a king, but a proficient scholar of theology, and inwardly inclined to mysticism (Tasuwwuf). He respected Islamic savants and patronized Islamic institutions. He often met mystics (Sufiya) of his time and gained mystical knowledge. He constructed a Khanqah (an abode for holy men) of Hazrat Shaikh Hasan Sakkak and shrine of Imame Azam (ra) He was deeply fond of studying books, particularly Tarikhe Tibri. Twelve thousand Islamic institutions functioned under his regime.

Bibi Khadija Begam (ra), the mother of Syed Makhdoom Ashraf Semnani (ra), belonged to the dynasty of Khwaja Ahmed Yeswi (ra) who was a distinguished Sufi of his time and founder of The Yewaisia order. She was brought up in pure religious surroundings and was deeply religious, pious and godly. She passed most of his time in prayer and recitation of the holy Quran. She often observed fasting in day and woke up at night to be engrossed in prayer. She was punctual to Tahajjud (Prayer said after midnight).

The lineage of Syed Makhdoom Ashraf Semnani (ra) is shown below:

  • Syed Makhdoom Ashraf Jahangir Semnani (ra), son of
  • Sultan Syed Ibrahim Noor Bakhshi (ra), son of
  • Sultan Syed Imaduddin Noor Bakhshi (ra), son of
  • Sultan Syed Nizamuddin Alisher (ra), son of
  • Sultan Zahiruddin Mohammad (ra), son of
  • Sultan Tajuddin Bahlol (ra), son of
  • Syed Mohammad Noor Bakshi (ra), son of
  • Syed Mehdi (ra), son of
  • Syed Kamaluddin (ra), son of
  • Syed Jamaluddin (ra),son of
  • Syed Hasan Sharif (ra), son of
  • Syed Abu Mohammad (ra), son of
  • Syed Abul Moosa Ali (ra), son of
  • Syed Ismail Sani (ra), son of
  • Syed Abul Hasan Mohammad (ra), son of
  • Syed Ismail Arij (ra), son of
  • Hazrat Jafar Sadique (ra), son of
  • Imam Mohammad Baqar (ra), son of
  • Imam Zainul Abedin Ra.gif
  • Imam Hossain Ra.gif
  • Hazrat Ali Ra.gif
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